When do I call ACE Air & Ambulance?

It is sometimes difficult to know whether or not you need an ambulance or air evacuation. We would urge you to call us if the patient:

  • Is unconscious or not breathing
  • Has a penetrating injury to the neck, chest, abdomen or thigh
  • Has had a severe allergic reaction
  • Has uncontrolled breathing
  • Is having an asthma attack and is unresponsive to medication
  • Has severe chest pain (heart attack)
  • Is having a fit (if this is unusual for the patient)
  • Has taken an overdose of drugs/medication
  • Has been submerged under water for over a minute
  • Has fallen from a height more than double their own height, no matter how they landed
  • Has severe or traumatic back/spinal/neck pain
  • Has been mauled by an animal
  • Has had an accident whilst diving